I have to say that I am in love with these cookies and can’t believe it that it took me so long to discover this Jewish treat.

Rugelach is one of the treats that was brought to American by the eastern European immigrants and are very popular during the Jewish holidays. It is made of a soft flaky pastry like cream cheese dough filled with nuts, dried fruits and jam or even chocolate. Its the matter of preference. I used Apricot jam along with Cinnamon, Almonds, Walnuts and some dries cranberries. I will have to make these cookies again with the chocolate filling for my chocoholic friends.

I have a confession, when I went through the recipe for the first time I was not very thrilled. It seemed complicated and I am not a very big fan of dried fruits in cookies. On top of that I had never had a Rugelach in my life so was kind of nervous baking something that I had never tasted. I almost dropped the idea of baking it but in the spirit of the group (TWD:Baking with Julia) I am so glad I did not listen to my first instinct and gave it a try.

Once I started I found the recipe much easier than I thought. Yes it does take time and couple of extra steps to put them together but Oh Boy!!!! its worth the effort trust me!!!!!!!

The Dough was very easy to work with and came together perfectly without any effort. I tried to make my cookies in two styles, rolled up and crescent style. Both were great. Make sure that your dough is chilled properly as it makes it very easy to roll them up.

This weeks hosts are Margaret of Urban Hikes and Jessica of My Baking Heart. Be Sure to checkout their blogs  for the recipe