As you guys know October marks breast cancer awareness month in USA and around the world. Each year major breast cancer charities organizes events for the awareness of the disease and raise funds for research into its cause, treatment, prevention and cure. Since October started I see pink every where, it feels so good to see people buying pink merchandize to support the cause.

I thought why not show my support through my blog. I made these lovely strawberry cupcakes with white butter cream frosting and a cute fondant pink ribbon topper. This pretty pink strawberry cake recipe is from Apron of Grace, one of the blogs I follow.

Five things that every one should know about breast cancer:

  • All women can get breast cancer- even those who have no family history of the disease.
  • The two most important factors for breast cancer are being a woman and growing old.
  • Women diagnosed with early breast cancer, when the cancer is small and has not spread, have a high chance of surviving it. Mammograms are the best way to find breast cancer early: Get one every year starting at age 40 and every 3 years in your 20’s and 30’s. If you notice any breast changes, tell your doctor without delay.
  • You can help reduce your risk for breast cancer with regular physical activities, maintaining a healthy weight and limiting alcohol intake.
  • More women than ever are surviving breast cancer because of early detection and improved treatments.

According to statistics 1 in every 8 women in the US will develop breast cancer over the course of her life time. In 2010 approximately 38,840 women lost there battle against this disease, however the death rate has been decreasing since 1990. These decreases are thought to be the result of treatment advances, earlier detection through screening, and increased awareness. There were said to be more than 2.5 million breast cancer survivors in US in 2010 and it is getting better. Pretty amazing !!!!

The story in Pakistan (and other developing countries) is totally different. According to local estimates Pakistan sees 90,000 breast cancer cases resulting in 40,000 deaths every year. Which means although women in Pakistan are less likely to develop breast cancer but if they do the chances of survival is very skim. Now the question is why? I was shocked to learn that most of breast cancer cases are detected are stage III and IV. At this stage it is pretty late. So, for us it is only the matter of early detection and investigation. So, please I would advise all the ladies to get regular scans and breast examinations (At least once every year) specially if you are in you 40’s. As I earlier mentioned, there are only two factors to breast cancer; Being a woman and getting old.

In Pakistan there are organizations that work for the awareness of breast cancer. One such organization that i would like to mention here is “Pink Ribbon Pakistan”. They have recently launched a free mobile mammography screening service which is a positive step. If you want to know more about this organization and their programs or would like to support them visit

I am volunteering in the American Cancer Society (Los Angeles) and would like to acknowledge their work in terms of awareness and fighting Cancer. They are doing a great job in helping people stay well educated and providing patients, survivors and care givers with information, day to day help and a great deal of emotional support. They are also contributing and working towards finding cure and better treatments through research. They have various programs to help and support those affected by this disease. My favorite program at the American Cancer Society Is “Look Good, Feel Better”. It helps the women going through radiation and chemo therapy to improve the way the look by conducting free makeup and styling classes. If you want to learn about the American Cancer Society visit or call 1.800.227.2345